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Pepito is founded by a culinary team who lives, dreams, and thinks in terms of Pizza because for us nothing beats the warm feeling this great tradition has brought to us. We know our basil, wheat, mozzarella, tomatoes and olive oil like the back of our hand because these are our best of friends.

Open now in Mosta, one of Malta’s most charming and central towns where we’ll be looking forward to handing over to you the real deal!

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All the love in a takeout box

Grabbing that takeout box with a heart-warming pizza inside may be classified as a fast food experience, however here at Pepito we know it’s more elaborate than that just like any matter of passion.

We throw in all the love we have from the time we select the ingredients, throughout the preparation and the execution of a masterpiece. Everything that goes in a takeout box gets all of our attention, after all … we put our name on it!  

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